Post-Paid** - 30 Channels
Post-Paid 30 Channels suitable for Medium to large Businesses is the same as the Pre-Paid-Plan, with the exceptions of added options eg. Adding Phone numbers / Porting and that we bill you for the calls at the end of the month, there is no need to recharge the account. We send you an invoice with detailed calls and a date of payment due. Payment can be made by cheque / bank transfer or credit card.

Information about the Plan
No Setup Fee / $10.00 Monthly Fee
Premium Termination
10 cents per Call Australia wide (Landlines Only)
Local Number Portability*
Post - Paid (Monthly Invoice for GST)
Mobile Calls 15 cents per minute. No connection fee
Outgoing calls to 1800 numbers: Free
30 Simultaneous Incoming and Outgoing Calls
Codec supported G711a, G722
FoIP (Fax over IP) T38 with G711a Fallback

Features Included
Incoming CID passthru on fwd calls when you add a phone number (needs to be requested)
Call Waiting
Call conference (3 way calling)
Call forwarding
Music On-Hold
Voice mail
Customized CLI (proof of ownership required)
Control Panel with Live Billing
No dialling plans needed
Compatible with all SIP device
Call Transfer
Free In-Network Calling
Simultaneous Calling in and out
Voice mail to Email including recording
Voice mail Email Notification
Very low International Rates
Number Porting available from every carrier. *Local Number Portability (LNB).

Add-Ons Available
Virtual PBX
Monitoring of your SIP Trunks
Online Dialer for call centers
SMS Campaigns
Australian Phone numbers $6.95 each per month (Volume discount available)
Internal Extensions $10.00 per month ea (Volume discounts available)
Incoming Calls Fallback (Incoming calls rings to a number of you choice incase your Internet is offline)

Critical Information Summary about this Product

1. Business Plan Calls are all terminated on a Premium Termination (we do NOT use Grey routes).
2. Extra Channels are available upon written request

**Post-Paid - This service is not available for incoming calls ONLY.
**Post-Paid - Please note that an Initial deposit of the Credit Limit is required and it will be refunded when closing the account and all invoices are settled.