Hosted PBX :
Staring and new business or would like to upgrade your PBX, then this plan will suit your needs. A hosted PBX can offer you the flexibility and piece of mind that you business needs to be more professional.

There is no need to Purchase an inhouse PBX, we take care of that, all you need is an IP Phone to start receiving calls.
(A Business Plan is required as this is an Add-On to a Business Plan)

Information About Plans and Pricing are as follows -
$29.95 Setup Fee / $49.95 per month Paid in advance

Information About the Service -
-- Customized IVR
-- Up to 30 Simultaneous Calls
-- 1 Advanced Queue
-- Up to 3 Extensions (connect 3 IP Phones)
-- Customized Music On-Hold
-- Announce Position in Queue
-- 1 Australian Phone number in your State
-- Advanced Time Condition (set once and forget)
-- After Hours Voicemail
-- Business Hours Voicemail
-- Public Holidays Voicemail
-- Customized Outgoing Caller ID
-- Remote Extensions (No need to have Internet or any other equipment, we can send the calls to a PSTN Line or a Mobile Phone)
-- Video Support (to access video a compatible video IP Phone Yealink Video Ip Phone or SIP Video app Linphone is required)
-- Advanced Queue Statistics / Date / Total calls Handled / Abandoned Calls / Avg. Talk time for calls / Avg. Hold time / Graphs and more....
-- Advanced Agent Statistics / Non Queue Time – amount of time not logged into the Queue / Avg. Talk time and more ....
-- Whisper Calls (listen on active calls in the Queues) Supervisors Only
-- And all the features of a Business Plan
-- Plus More ..... More Features

The above PBX structure is as follows:
-- Incoming Call ---> Check Public Holidays ---> Check Opening Hours ---> Phones Rings for X amount of time, while the person is waiting and listening to music and then it can go to a Special Voicemail during business hours or it can ring a Specific Mobile or Landline (your choice).

If it is a Public Holiday or After Hours ---> Call go to appropriate A/H or Public Holidays voicemail or it can ring a Specific Mobile or Landline (your choice).

-- Intercom Service $10.00 per month (one way or 2 way service)
-- Call Recording (10.00 per month per 100mb of storage)
-- Extra IVR's ($10.00 per month per extra IVR)
-- Extra Queues ($10.00 per month per extra Queue)
-- Extra Extensions ($5.00 per month per Extension not including a Phone Number)
-- Extra Phone numbers $5.00 per month per number
-- International Phone Numbers in 62 Countries
-- Conference Rooms

Critical Information Summary about this Product

Need a bigger Hosted PBX with Multi Teir IVR and Queues ? Please call us and we can tailor for your needs :) We have implemented several Multi Tiers Hosted PBX