Hosted Business Global Voice Conference
Dial-in Conference, premium sound quality and Unlimited Conferencing service for a low monthly fee

Dial-In from 20 Countries.

From just $29.00 per month for 5 seats you can have Unlimited Conferencing without worrying of big bills or call-in charges.

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Information About the Service -
This is how it works. When you signup for any of the plans below, we will send you an Admin Conference Number and a Password. We will also include a step by step instructions, including all Dial-in Numbers across Australia / New Zealand / Tasmania and a Participant password. This password is used when someone calls in your conference. Maximum Conference call is 2 hours

Information About Plans and Pricing are as follows -

Critical Information Summary about this Product

Conference 5 Seats - Unlimited use
$29.00 per Month

Conference 10 Seats - Unlimited use
$49.00 per Month

Conference 20 Seats - Unlimited use
$69.00 per Month

Conference 30 Seats- Unlimited use
$89.00 per Month