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Network Issues

Maintenance Required by software vendor (Scheduled)

Affecting Other - All services | Priority - Critical

Maintenance Required by software vendor

Last month there was a software patch to our cloud instances which we thought was fixed, it's now been brought to our attention there needs to be another patch to ensure stability is maintained.


So now we are booked in for this Friday night 9PM to 11PM the same time, we finally have a solution patch from the software vendor which has been tested thoroughly in a replicated Dev cloud environment. 

Again it will be around 15 minutes from start to finish

We do apologize for any inconvenience caused

UPDATE 22:45 - Maintenance Finished. Total down time 10 mins, everything back online

Date - 15/12/2017 22:30 - 15/12/2017 22:40
Last Updated - 15/12/2017 21:48

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