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Network Issues

Inbound Call failure (Outage)

Affecting Other - Incoming calls failure due to routing issue | Priority - Critical

Inbound Call failure

We are aware of incoming calls failing to conect

Engineers are investigating this issue as High Priority.

Issue is within the SAU Network routing Policy

More updates to come

UPDATE 8:20 am
SAU Identified Issue - Engineers have identified an issue with edge devices which may be causing intermittent connectivity to some providers. We are working on a resolution to this issue and will provide further updates as available.

 SAU Engineers - We're working on resolving some issues with one of the devices in our SY1 facility which seems to have been causing intermittent reachability to this and a handful of other prefixes learned over peering in Sydney. Will keep you posted as we have more information.

UPDATE 11:16 am
Engineers are continuing to work on a fix for customers affected by this issue. Further updates will be provided as available.

UPDATE 12:40 pm
Engineers are continuing investigations, including with upstream peering and transit providers. As soon as a fix is available it will be implemented to alleviate the issues being experienced

UPDATE 02:00 pm
Issue seems to be resolved, 

UPDATE 02:29 pm
SAU Engineers Update - Engineers have identified the issue and are rolling out fixes to impacted customers as quickly as possible. Further updates will be posted here as these fixes are applied.

UPDATE 02:43 pm
SAU Engineers Update - Engineers have implemented a temporary fix for some impacted services while a permanent solution has been tested. The current ETA for this permanent solution to be deployed is 3:15PM AEST. Further updates will be posted when this has been completed. 

UPDATE 03:20 pm
Engineers have begun deploying a permanent fix to resolve the intermittent network reachability to some providers. Once this fix has been completed engineers will be monitoring the environment to ensure no further issues are experienced. Further updates will be posted when this status transitions to monitoring

UPDATE 04:05 pm
Engineers have deployed the fix and are now closely monitoring the network reachability to ensure there are no reoccurrences.

Date - 17/09/2020 06:30
Last Updated - 17/09/2020 16:16

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