Fibre to Home Phone Service Plan
Fibre to Home Phone
Information About the Service and Pricing -
$33.95 per Month
12 cents per call to Australian Landlines
20 cents per Minute to Australian Mobiles
Australian Phone Number Included
Call waiting
Caller ID
On-line Module where you can transfer calls, check calls made etc...
Voice Mail to Email
Connection fee $50.00 if ONU is already installed and activated
(If Activation of ONU is required then the activation will be $330.00 inc GST)

Critical Information Summary about this Product

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Supported Hardware to use this service is via Customer Optical Network Terminal (ONT). This service is provided on a Private Network and not the Internet. Once phone line is active you are required to supply your own phone and connect it to the phone port in your unit.

Reminder to New Customers: Under the Australian Telecommunications Act we are only to allocate Geographic Numbers and Virtual Numbers to Customers whose Address matches the Physical Address given for the Account and the SZU for that number. Please ensure that the correct address information is given and kept on file including Name and Address for the IPND. Calls made from Internal Numbers to Emergency Services will be sent a Dummy Number and asked for Address Details.

Under new regulations issued by the ACMA (Australian Communication and Media Authority) to the Telecommunications Numbering Plan 1997 Act. we have to provide every potential customer the New requirements dated 01/02/2011

Customers that are issued a standard telephone number eg. 02/03/07/08 number to receive calls via VoIP.

Calls to these type of numbers may be charged from the carrier as if the customer is located in the SZU for the number (eg. a person calling from Penrith NSW to an 02 number issued under the Sydney (SZU) number will be charged from their carrier as if they are calling a long distance call. Customers ordering these type of number may not be able to port the number to an other provider.

This Video explains all the above and is issued by the ACMA

WorldDialPoint may be required to suspend a account/service if this information does not match or if our service is used via any sort of voice / internet gateways without any prior notice. Information and Lookup Tools for SZU (Standard Zone Units) can be found at the ACMA Website,