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Network Issues

Outbound Call Issues on one of our carriers (In Progress)

Affecting Server - Evoice VoIP Service | Priority - Critical

Outbound Call Issues on one of our carriers started at 12:01pm

We have found that one of our outbound carriers was not terminating any calls or they had huge delay to conect and they were not sending any error back to us but instaed they were sending us that the call is being progressed and thus our second and third carrier could not kick in.

We have now eliminated this one carrier out of the mix at 12:40pm and now all outbound calls are conecting fine and no delay.

We also have requested this specific carrier for a please explain and what will be done moving forward so this issue will not happen again.
If we are not satified with the outcome then this carrier will be dropped permanetly.

We appologise for this mishap
. Date - 17/05/2018 12:01 - 17/05/2018 12:40
Last Updated - 17/05/2018 13:00

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