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Article Caller ID Activate / De-Activate
*85/*65 Activate/Deactivate Anonymous for Outgoing Calls You can activate the Anonymous...
Views: 627
Article IM (Instant Massaging using SIP)
  IM (Instant Massaging using SIP)   Hosted Pbx Users from August 2012 can do Instant...
Views: 983
Article Intercom/Paging Extension
Intercom/Paging Extension (This is an Add-On Service)Your phones needs to be supported for this...
Views: 587
Article Log in and Log off the Queues
  To Log in from your phone in a Queue of a Hosted PBX just dial *96 from the phone. This will...
Views: 833
Article Park Calls
  Park Calls   With the Evoice system, you can "share" calls between extensions on the same...
Views: 825
Article Pickup Calls
  Pickup Calls Pick Up Another Extension's Call Let us consider the following example:...
Views: 764
Article Queue Agents More Features
*97 – Log In Any Queue Agent If you are an agent in a queue and you want to take the calls...
Views: 658
Article Transfer Calls
Transfer Calls   An extension can use the call transfer features only if it has the Extension...
Views: 912
Article Video Calling
Video Calling   Hosted PBX Users from August 2012 can have a 2 way video and voice...
Views: 831
Article Voicemail Access
*95 – Listen to Your Voicemail Messages If the voicemail feature is enabled for your...
Views: 713

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