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How to setup a Billion Hardware


Billion (7401 / 7402 /7404 Configuration Settings

Here is what is required. (where xxxx*xxxxx is your login number that you received in your last email)

Advanced » VoIP » General Settings Configuration

Click on Edit and enter the new information

• SIP Enable: Selected
• RTP Port: 5100
• Region: Australia
• Voice QoS, DSCP Marking: Premuim
• Register Address:
• Register Port: 5060
• Expire: 600
• User Domain/Realm: leave empty
• Outbound Proxy Address: leave empty
• Ourbound Proxy Port: 5060

Click on APPLY

Billion Settings

Web » VoIP » Phone Configuration

To Change old settings (Choose your line / Click on Edit / Change the info / Click again on Edit / Apply and Save to config)
• Phone Number: xxxx*xxxxx
• Authentication Username: xxxx*xxxxx
• Authentication Password: Password
• Confrim Password: Password
• Display Name: xxxx*xxxxx
• Codec Preference - Priority 1: G729 or G711a (PCMA)

Important - Codec Priority 2 and 3 set to Not Used

Click on APPLY


 Ensure Firewall settings not blocking SIP ports.

Ready to make Calls


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