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How to use Fax2Email


WorldDialPoint Email2Fax and Fax2Email Instructions


Your Fax number is (Telephone number allocated to your account)

1. Instructions on how to use Email2Fax:

--- Sending a fax from your email client:


>   To send a fax via email is pretty straight forward and easy.

>   Open a new email

>   Send email to

>   In the Subject Line insert the phone number with the area code included (eg. 0731077412) Sending Internationally use format 0011 infront of the number

>   Attach your file / fax to the email (file needs to be in PDF / TXT / JPEG format)

>   In the Massage leave empty Do  NOT add nothing else

>   Send


>   You will then receive a confirmation email with a link in it, copy / click the link and paste in Internet Explorer or Firefox and press Enter




2. How to RECEIVE Faxes

>   Faxes are sent to your inbox email address (registered email address that you signed up with)


PS - Always make sure that these email addresses are white listed in your Mail Server / Program


You also can Autorized Email address to send faxes (upto 15 email address)


> If you need to add more email addresses please email your request to


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