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Notice published on 30/01/2012

Please Note - All accounts with login number 6199015xxxx will need to be moved to our new billing system by the end June 2012 (Financial year). This old service / module will be discontinued.


Please do NOT leave it to the last minute as it will be impossible to move your account after the cutover date.

We already have started the process of moving customers to the new system and if you need help to reconfigure your account, let us know.


We had to stop manually transferring customers with login 6199105XXXX due to some customers has never updated their emails and because of this new emails are not getting delivered to their Real Inbox.


To transfer your account please follow this link

and Signup as a new customer.


Once your account is fully setup, we will email all the necessary activation emails needed to reconfigure the account in your hardware.

Account with zero balance and not active for the last 6 months will NOT be transferred

Expired accounts that has been not active for the last 6 months will NOT be transferred unless recharged.

Examples can be found here


Friday, February 3, 2012

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