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High Availability Firewall Installation

Details are as follows:



Type: Planned (Resheduled)

Severity: Hazard

Period From: 2012-11-30 23:30:00 AEST

Period To: 2012-11-30 23:59:59 AEST

Location: Nationwide

Services Affected: All Voice Services


The following servers will be migrated to a pair of High Available Firewalls on Thursday 29/11/2012 @ 23h00:


Porta Voice Gateway

AV/Anti-Spam mail server

Primary Name server

Radius Server

Voicemail/IVR server


The downtime is not expected to be longer than 10 minutes during the maintenance window (Thursday 29/11/2012 23h00 - Thursday 29/11/2012 23h59).

A number of post tests will be applied to confirm the changeover.

Update: 29/11/2012 23:09Started Maintenance

UPDATE 29/11/2012 23:28 - Service UP had to roll back configuration Firewall HA Failed. More to come

UPDATE 29/11/2012 23:53 - The planned upgrade has been suspended due to an unforeseen issue arising on the configuration. Once this is resolved we will schedule a new time for the upgrade.

UPDATE 30/11/2012 12:05 - Reschedule for tonight at 23:30 AEST



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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