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Change of IP Address for WorldDialPoint SIP/VoIP Proxy


On the Monday 24/09/2012 23:00 Engineers will disconect the Old IP address Range so if you still did not change to, from Tuesday morning your service will stop working unless you chage it.

Please note that the Change of IP address will happen on 21/09/2012 at 22:00.

In the meantime we have managed to increase the links to our network and this will resolve any bandwidth congestion issue that we experienced in peak times during last week.


Start - 21/09/2012 22:00

Finish - 21/09/2012 23:59

During this time outgoing and incoming calls will not be possible on the evoice system. This should return to normal after 2 hrs.

Please note that due to Caching of DNS with your internet provider, there could be some delay from when our New Ip address range be picked up by your ISP but should return to normal with 24-48hrs




Change of IP Address for WorldDialPoint SIP/VoIP Proxy

Posponed to 21/09/2012

As you may be aware we have been working for the last few months in upgrading the network infrastructure to add more resilience to our offerings while this has happened already we have encountered an issue with growth and some of you may have experienced some issues because of congestion in the last 4 days on our existing links from our supplier. We do apologise for this late notice, but this change is needed so that we can supply you with a better service.


As a part of this, we need to change the IP Address that the SIP Voice Proxy is on.

If your equipment (hardware / software to make calls) connects to our system via the IP Address, you will need to change the Proxy address to

If your equipment also has a firewall or router which is setup to send traffic/accept traffic to/from the old IP Address of our Proxy, you will also need to change the details on this equipment/software as well. More information will be posted

WorldDialPoint will be changing the IP Address behind from

Further to this, as we will be implementing new load balancing configurations, it is advised that you use SIP Proxy URL of, otherwise the load balancing may not work correctly, if pointing to the IP.


To help with this change over we also have reduced the DNS time to 4hrs, so if you are connecting to the DNS to the new Ip Address will not take long. If for any reason your equipment will not connect automatically with 24hrs, please switch of your equipment (including router / modem and voice equipment) and restart again. This should fix the connection issue.

If you need help changing your IP address please let us know and we can help you make the change.

We will also post Notification on our Announcment page / Network Page and Twitter

Should you have any further queries in relation to this matter, please email us at any time (target response time is 4hrs)


Friday, September 14, 2012

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