Base Plan* (Outgoing Only)
  • No Setup Fee / No Monthly Fee
  • Pre-Paid (Pay as you go)
  • Make outgoing calls to any Australian phone number
  • Recieve amd make calls to other On-Net WorldDialPoint Users
  • Call Australian Landline numbers 12 cents per Call
  • Mobile Calls* 15 cents per minute. No connection fee
  • 13 numbers 30 cents per Call
  • 1800 numbers FREE
  • Codec's Supported G711a/iLbc/G722 wideband

  • Plan include these features: Free In-Network Calling, Music On Hold, Voicemail, Voicemail to Email and Control Panel with Live Billing.

  • Some Hardware supporting G722 codec¬† - Cisco 501 models / Snom / Siemens. Internet speed needed ADSL2+ / Cable / Fibre (minimum 512/512 stable connection)

  • Base Plan Australian Landline / Mobile Calls are terminated on Tier 1 connection / Support on this plan is via our Support Ticketing System ONLY. Porting is not available on this plan.

  • These plans are only available for new customers. Existing old customers will need to contact us to change over to the new plans.

  • Plan Updated on 9/1/2013

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