Fax2Email - Email2Fax
This service will automatically deliver faxes to your email as PDF attachments. As soon as a fax is received, this will be converted into an email with a PDF attachment. All you need to do is open the email up and click on the fax document.

Sending a Fax is the same as sending an email, just attach the Fax in PDF/TIFF or TXT format, in the subject the phone number that you would like to send the fax and we will supply a special email address so that the system will automatically delivers the fax.

Service that works - Download sample sent to Test Fax Number Click Here

Only $16.95 per month Pre-Paid 10 cents per fax sent to any Australian PSTN Phone number International Faxing* charged as per international rate sheet (Minimum charge per fax sent 0.10) Easy to use (Send and Receive via your email) Incoming Australian Phone Number Included Send faxes Simultaneously Codec supported T38 Files Supported PDF ALL inbound faxes are FREE Add Incoming International numbers (price start from 15.00 per month)

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-- All Services are Hosted in Australia with Australian Support
*International faxing cannot be guaranteed to every destination due to limitations from certain overseas carriers