Call Centre Incoming / Outgoing - 10 Channels
Call Centre Outgoing 30 Channels is a plan that is suitable for Call Centres that terminate outgoing calls with an average call length of less then 2min per call and a volume above of 20,000 minutes a month. With this plan all calls are charged per second with no connection charge or commitment. This plan is available in Pre-Paid ONLY.

Information about the Plan
-- No Setup Fee
-- $49.95 per month Paid in advance
-- Premium Termination
-- 1x incoming phone number included
-- 0.022 cents per minute charged per second Local and National Australia wide
-- Pre -Paid (Monthly Invoice for GST)
-- Credit does not expire
-- Mobile Calls 15 cents per minute charged per second
-- No connection fee
-- Simultaneous incoming and Outgoing Calls
-- Up to 10 Channels at NO extra Charge (Simultaneous Calls)
-- Codec supported G711a, G722

Critical Information Summary about this Product

Business Plan Calls are all terminated on a Premium Termination (we do not use grey routes)